Katern Transport

Katern Transport

Our story begins in 1978, when the company founder, Zdenko Katern, bought his first 11 ton used OM truck. In the beginning, he mostly transported construction material, which at the time was a very sought-after commodity. Soon, due to market needs, he switched to vehicles with larger capacities and also employed his first employees. On the occasion of the company 40th anniversary, as a surprise for Zdenko, we brought him just the same OM truck with which he began his journey. We awakened many beautiful memories ...

Zdenko's sons Dalibor and Alen, grew up with transport, and like most children, they were fascinated by trucks. After graduating from high school, they both realized that it wasn't just a child's enthusiasm, but indeed transport got into their blood, and they wanted to continue their father's story together.

They were both dedicated to the family business and when their father retired, they came together and took over the reins of »modern horses« - the trucks. Very special trucks for those times ... we were among the first companies with hand-painted trucks, each of them carrying its own, unique story.



Today we have 30 modern vehicles in our fleet.

Dalibor makes sure that technically everything runs smoothly, while Alen took over the office management. Unity is strength!

Adapting to market and new business conditions is especially important in the times in which we find ourselves nowadays. And right now it shows how important commitment to the company and long-term care for the well-being of employees are. 

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